Insurance is constantly changing

Regulation changes take place at federal and state level and products change too with the insurance companies.

As brokers we are constantly watching the landscape for you.

Medicare Supplement

Birthday Rule and Community Rate Changes

NEW to Idaho effective 3/1/2022

  • Idaho has been busy making changes. Idaho now allows current Medicare Supplement members to move to a like or lesser Medicare Supplement plan annually at your birthday.

  • Idaho has moved from Age-Rated premium to Community Rated premiums. Whether you are age 65 or 95+ members pay the same premium!

  • If you have an Idaho Medicare Supplement policy already, you can KEEP your current Age-rated policy as long as you feel your Age-Rated policy is beneficial to you. We watch your current premium compared to new community rate premium and will assist when you want to move to community rated same or lesser plan when you feel it's time. Oh and that fun Birthday Rule allows you to change plans with NO underwriting! Yes Guaranteed Issue. Okay, really, just call us! We have your answers and services even right over the phone.

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No Surprises Act

Protection from unexpected medical bills

NEW effective 1/1/2022

  • Federal government changes to protect you!

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IMPORTANT for our self-employed, individuals, and family members! WATCH for the announcement coming: Open Enrollment for self-employed, individual, and family eligibility effective Jan 1 2023 begins two weeks earlier this year on OCT 15 2022 and runs through deadline DEC 15 2022. Don't miss the open enrollment window!

If you were a part of 2022 open enrollment, you know how important it is to finalize as early as possible any applications or tax credit eligibility re-evaluations due. The Idaho state exchange systems transition upload is to be completed end of June 2022, but anticipate there may be some kinks -- so be an Early-Bird if possible this year especially and contact us for assistance.