Insurance is constantly changing  

Regulation changes take place at federal and state level and products change too with the insurance companies.

As brokers we are constantly watching the landscape for you.

Medicare Supplement 

Birthday Rule and Community Rate Changes

NEW to Idaho effective 3/1/2022 and Important each year moving forward ~

Learn more about Birthday and Community-rate rule changes

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No Surprises Act 

Protection from unexpected medical bills

NEW  effective 1/1/2022

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 Learn even more at CMS 

Next Open Enrollment:  Oct 15th through Dec 15th 2024.  

Special Election Periods:  If you lose coverage or have specific qualifying events a Special Election Period may open to allow enrollment.  Contact us for assistance. 

Family Glitch continues to be a Hot topic and has not been highly publicized but we can help.  If you are offered insurance through work and it is Unaffordable to add your family members as dependents, they may qualify for enrollment through the exchange with any eligible tax credits per household size and income.  

Medicaid Unwrapping is anticipated to continue for another year.  It is important to do your re-evaluation on schedule.  If you are affected by loss of Medicaid we can help with your insurance options and also assist with enrollment through the marketplace with any possible tax credits..